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Hotel Sherazade consists of two Riads (once the residence of rich merchants). They are traditional buildings with two patios (courtyards)   with rooms around the patio. 

Both houses were built about 100 years ago. The houses have been renovated in a Moroccan style and offer our guests all the comforts of a Hotel.


our story

In 1988, I travelled to Marrakech with an interrail ticket and my girlfriend.

Like in the stories of the Arabian Nights, I first fell in love with the country, and then later on with my husband.

We spent the first years together in Germany, with the firm goal of returning to Marrakech. My husband trained as a kitchen chef, while I studied Hotel Management. 

The beautiful Riads of Marrakech have fascinated me since my first visit to this wonderful city. So what could be more natural, with our professional background, than to transform one of these traditional houses into a Hotel?

We came closer to our goal when we returned to Morocco in 1995 and in 1996 the time had come; the first Riad had been bought and renovated and the adventure could begin.

A Riad is actually a traditional Moroccan town house, and at that time there were hardly any Riads open to tourists. Most of them stayed in the modern hotels in the new part of town.

But the success of our plan proved us right; after only a few years we were able to expand and buy the second Riad next door  and connected both houses into one large Hotel.

These were turbulent years in which our two sons, Yanis and Elias were born.

In the course of time, tourism in Morocco has been subject to several fluctuations: economic crisis, the Arab Spring, and now, most recently, the pandemic.

Despite all the obstacles, we have truly realised our dream with Hotel Sherazade and make it our mission to take you, our dear guests, into Sherazade’s world and invite you to discover the Orient and experience your own stories.

The signs are good, and the next generation is awaiting  to continue welcoming you.

Sabina and Ahmed

Yanis and Elias Benchaira



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